The way we communicate in the family affects everything about how
our children grow and flourish. We work with families to improve the
communication and establish emotional safety. We help children
and parents minimize frustration and failure, and we coach parents to
maximize their children’s success by highlighting strengths. Counseling
for parents is frequently a short-term project because the love within a
family can be such powerful motivation for change.

The first step towards skillful, loving parenting is accepting your child for
who he/she is. This can be difficult for parents who have challenging
children, whether due to learning disabilities, emotional presentation,
or a biologically based condition (such as ADHD). In our combined fifty
years of experience as family therapists and parents of three, we have
discovered, created, and adapted many useful and effective parenting
tools for helping children and adolescents with special needs, and that
includes special needs not recognized by schools (such as introverted
children, who need more time alone than do extraverts).

Children’s temperaments vary and thus each is quite different in his or
her ability to cope with crises and daily hassles. Some are easygoing
by nature and adjust smoothly to events and new situations. Others
are easily thrown off balance by changes in their lives. But children
also have their own particular talents and strengths. One of our goals
in working with parents is to help them appreciate and develop these
strengths. Parents can get so caught up in focusing on how to address
and eradicate problem behaviors that they lose track of their child’s gifts;
often so does the child.

For consultations parents may come in with or without their children or